We saw another repeat during the CrossFit Open, which has been the trend lately, and boy it was a tough one.  Burpee box jumps, burpee box jumps and more burpee box jumps. A true burn! 21.2 was originally programmed in 2017, and many of us had done it before, so it was awesome to see so many of you improve your times despite the year we’ve had. If you did this workout for the first time, I’m sure you’re looking forward to doing it again J

Before we get to everyone who improved their scores, major respect to Robert (17:07) and Kylie (16:27) who did the workout for the first time and had a couple of the fastest times in the gym! Nice work!

Shout out to the following people who sent their improvements to me, and got faster despite being four years older.

Liguori went from 163 reps RX to 187! Chang went from 216 reps scaled to 171 RX! Rosemarie went from a SCALED score of 196 in ‘17, to 193 RX this year! Melis improved from 17:31 to 15:43! Coach Sarah improved by 10 reps. Jack went from not finishing to 17:41. Big John improved by 45 seconds and finished in 17:19. Alberto was not able to finish in 2018 and this year crushed it in just over 18 minutes.  Rich finished RX in 19:14 this year after going scaled in 2017. Trish, despite just having a baby recently, improved by 9 reps.  Matthew, got 186 reps RX in 2017 and FINISHED this year in 18:19. Sara had 223 reps scaled in 2017 and got 209 RX this year! With collected 146 reps RX this year after getting 175 scaled four years ago. Cathy P finished RX in 17:13 after going scaled in 2017.

Finally, a shout out to Rachael who showed up at 5 am to help judge, Cat, who used a handheld fan to cool down some athletes , and Sam, who has shown up for both Open workouts to help judge despite not being able to work out!  Points also to Chang for getting Cynthia to make some amazing fried rice, Sara for some yummy meatballs, Christine for banana bread and muffins, and Jen for some chocolate crack she makes!

For the final Open workout, plan on being there Saturday morning! We will open the doors at 10:30 am and review movement standards at around 11 am. Once again feel free to bring some food or drink for the after party. We will find out what workout we will face earlier than usual on Thursday, at 3 pm! Can’t wait!