One Open workout in the books! We didn’t know what the heck to expect with workout 21.1. With the pandemic and everything going on, we weren’t sure what these workouts would look like. So of course we see a movement we have never seen in any CrossFit competition ever before! I’ve done candle sticks, inverted burpees, and everything else in a workout before, but had never done wall climbs outside of a warm up. Dave Castro sure keeps us on our toes. I wasn’t sure if I liked the looks of this workout, but it turned out to be a great test and I liked it in that sicko way we like certain workouts.

What we loved more than anything was seeing a group back in the gym. Melis mentioned she was in her office and heard that old sound we love…….lots of voices, movement and action coming from the gym. It had been too long! 

The Open is back and things seemed almost normal even for one day.

Thank you to everyone who worked out, judged, or just dropped by to say hi. What a tough year it’s been, but Saturday felt awesome, amazing and fantastic! THANK YOU!  A huge congrats to anyone who participated in their very first Open!  We have a bunch of first timers and the energy was electric!  Congrats to all our athletes who challenged themselves with DU’s or wall walks, specifically Christine, Jason, Matthew, Cathy, Trish, Rosemarie, Paulo, and Robert! Thank you to everyone who brought food and drinks…the fridge is STOCKED! What a fun day, we cannot wait to do it again!

This week, things will look different. We are hosting a Level 2 Seminar all weekend so we have tried to provide as many opportunities to get this workout done as possible.  Our main event will take place Friday evening starting at 4:30 (regular classes are canceled).  We’ll run heats starting at 5pm, and end with a couple drinks to celebrate.  We will also host an announcement party Thursday night and open the gym up to anyone who wants to do the workout then and there!  Every class on Friday will be doing 21.2, so get ready whether you signed up or not! Sunday night at 6pm will be an additional time to get in and do the workout.  If none of those times work, please reach out to us and we can set up a time on Monday.

Weekend Schedule

Thursday 8pm: Open Announcement and WOD

Friday: Regular schedule 5am-3:30pm.  Doors open at 4:30 for 21.2 warm up, we’ll plan to kick first heat off around 5:15. 

Saturday: 1 class 7am

Sunday: 1 class, at the Brookfield Track 8am

**Be sure to sign up in acuity for all classes and open WODS