We are happy to announce our Circle of Honor for the 2021 CrossFit Open! This is to honor everyone who went above and beyond with their support, grit, perseverance and compassion during the Open. These are people who gave more than they took, helped anyone who needed it and supported EVERYONE in one way or another. And we can’t tell you how much we appreciate it. The Open is our big community event of the year because so many people get involved. It’s when we come together to celebrate another year of CrossFit and support any little victory we see in those tough workouts.

We are honoring the following for their efforts to help everyone in the gym during the Open. That said, we know pretty much everyone did something to pitch in, and we THANK YOU for that as well. The list below is who we believe truly went above and beyond every week and every workout and sometimes every heat during the 3-week Open.

Cathy P

The group above will choose what we will do with the $10 fee we collected from everyone. Give to a charity, buy some equipment, or have a party, etc. On that note, if you haven’t given us your $10, please do it ASAP. If you did the Open workouts and feel you were a part of it with us this year (whether you officially signed up online or not), please enter your $10 fee and we will do something fun with it.