About The CrossFit 203 Community

Have you ever signed up for a gym membership in Danbury only to stop attending after a few months? Do you find yourself dreading that spin class or another circuit? Do you feel like no one knows you, or cares if you show up to work out?

You will never get bored at CrossFit 203. Our programming is constantly varied and FUN!  Every workout is scalable to suit your fitness level. And you’ll find a community - diverse in gender, age, fitness level and more - that roots as much for the first to finish as the last.

We have the most experience, knowledge, and certifications in the area. You can trust us with smart programming and knowledgeable coaches to ensure your safety.  And we are the only gym in Western Connecticut run by a licensed physical therapist.

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I’ve worked out at a lot of different CrossFit gyms during my various travels, and I have to say, I think CrossFit 203 is my favorite. Melissa and Kirk are excellent owners/coaches. They’re both so welcoming, friendly, and motivating! They really focus on technique, and are super helpful during the workouts. CrossFit 203 has a great community, and you can tell that it’s a place where everyone encourages each other to be their best. I’ve loved dropping in while I’m visiting- if I lived here, I’d definitely call CrossFit 203 home! Michelle D.

I came to Crossfit 203 after a long sedentary lifestyle. As I walked into the doors, I knew I found the right place. The coaches were skilled and knew just the right way to modify a workout to fit my needs. The other members made me feel as if I were part of the family within the first week! I’m so glad I made the decision to start working out again. The best part: you never know what to expect when you walk in. Samantha M.

20.1 Scores for “Battle of the Sexes”

The Battle of the Sexes has officially begun and we finally saw what was in store with the first workout of the CrossFit Open. Lots of barbell and a ton of burpees. After week 1, the scores are in and the women are off to a fast start. Can the men catch up with...

The Open is Here!

We are 3 days out from the first Open Announcement!  For anyone interested we will host a live stream here at the gym starting around 7:45 Thursday evening.  Anyone who wants to throw down Thursday night immediately following the announcement please let Kirk know so...

The 2020 Open!!!!!

WOW! Well, the CrossFit Open starts next week!!!! CrossFit has changed its competition season, so moving forward, the Open will be in the fall. Previously, the Open has always been in February and March. This year, the first workout will be announced NEXT WEEK on...

Fall Nutrition Challenge!!

Its time for our annual Fall Nutrition Challenge! A summer of BBQ’s, Shandy, and s’mores don’t do much for the waistline....so let’s reign things back in with a fun little challenge! We like to shake things up every year, so we are trying something a little different!...
CrossFit 203 is much more then a gym! Kirk and Melissa have created a community of wonderful supportive friends that encourage and push each other to do things that many of us never thought we could. They have a fantastic group of coaches that are patient, encouraging and put safety and form first. Give 203 a try, you will not be disappointed! Steve C.

If you’re looking for great coaching, a community feel, wonderful encouragement from your fellow workout group, then CrossFit203 is the place to call “home”. Cathy P.