Competitors Class

If you are a former athlete, whether it be high school or college, CrossFit is a great way to feed your competitive juices again. You will compete against yourself on a daily basis, along with some friendly competition with others in our box and beyond. If you think your little fantasy football league is competitive, CrossFit might just blow your mind!

Are you looking to compete in CrossFit competitions? We have experience training athletes in everything from local throwdowns, to the Open, to Regionals and even the CrossFit World Games. We can tailor your workout and nutrition plans to get you ready for whichever level of competition you strive for. We’ve been to the CrossFit Games, and know what it takes to get there. Wanna see what ya’ got?

If you are curious about CrossFit competitions, we urge you to attend one with us. You’ll never be the same again.