“It’s hard to explain CrossFit to people. You have to experience it and feel the energy in the room during a group workout. The team atmosphere and community that is built at each gym is what sets CrossFit apart. The camaraderie between the athletes, whether you are 20 or 60 years old, is what made me fall in love with it.” Kirk Reed

Co-owner, CrossFit 203

Kirk Reed, Co-owner

Kirk has been enjoying CrossFit since 2007 and became a coach in 2008. After spending way too many years not having fun or making gains at his regular “Globo” gym, he found CrossFit and quickly cancelled his old membership.

“When I first started CrossFit, I was in horrible shape and I had no idea,” said Kirk. “For some people, that realization makes them quit because they know they have a long road ahead. For others, like me, it serves as motivation. You have work to do, but you are willing to put in the effort and make changes to your lifestyle. You set goals and you work as hard as you can to reach those goals.”

Kirk loves working out with a big class, with barbells and kettle bells and chalk dust flying everywhere.

Kirk is a graduate of Ithaca College and has three children, Jackson, Kellen and Elena. You can reach him at Kirk@crossfit203.com. Don’t wait. If you’re like Kirk, or many other CrossFitters out there, you’ll wish you found CrossFit sooner.


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