“I love the camaraderie you get with CrossFit. You look forward to each workout, even knowing it’s going to kick your butt, because there is always someone else there pushing you harder and driving you to greater results.” Melissa Reed

Co-owner, MSPT, CrossFit 203

Melissa Reed, Co-owner, MSPT

Melissa, a CrossFit Level 3 Coach, has been an Orthopedic Physical Therapist since 2003. When she is not coaching CrossFit, you can find her treating patients and athletes at her practice, Reed Fitness and Sports Medicine.

CrossFit has allowed her to combine her passions for human movement and health and performance. She is very knowledgeable about the body, preventing injuries, and ensures that all participants are safe and efficient with the exercises prescribed.

Melissa discovered CrossFit in 2007, and took her Level 1 Seminar in 2008. She now joins CrossFit HQ seminar staff on weekends coaching athletes at CrossFit Level 1 seminars around the country.

Melissa continued to CrossFit during all three of her pregnancies, all the way until 12 hours before giving birth. She credits the strength and endurance she gained through CrossFit for her healthy pregnancies and a quick recovery post-partum. If you think you need special considerations due to health issues, talk to Melissa — she knows how to modify a workout for anyone. Melissa can be reached at Melissa@crossfit203.com.


Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy             CrossFit Football

CrossFit HQ Level One Seminar Staff            CrossFit Kids

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer since May 2008       Hybrid Strongman Seminar

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer                                    Placed 22nd at 2010 CF Games New England Sectionals

CrossFit Level 3 Trainer                                    Placed 28th at 2010 CF Games NE Regionals

CrossFit Barbell                                                 Placed 18th at 2011CF Games NE Regionals

CrossFit Olympic Lifting                                   CPR Certified

CrossFit Endurance