“What I love most about CrossFit is that it gets people to appreciate what their bodies can do. CrossFit doesn’t see age or any other possible method of categorization. It sees opportunity & rewards effort. Whether you do it to be a firebreather or not, it’s all for giggles & teaches us more about ourselves then many other fitness methods can!”

Michelle Connelly


Michelle Connelly, Coach

Michelle has been an ACE certified Personal Trainer since 2005. When she’s not here at the box working out or coaching, Michelle is working as a Personal Trainer in a Physical Therapy clinic. She works with people aged 12-92 as well as athletes returning to their sports from injury.

After working for several years in a regular gym, she found there were lots of physical imbalances as well as personal goals that could not be achieved by circuit training with machines. Not to mention the monotony of it! She discovered CrossFit in 2008 and was so excited to find something that was so effective, fun and universally applicable that she had her L1 Trainer Certificate by the end of the year.

Michelle holds a Bachelor’s in Anthropology from the University of Maine and knows what it’s like to live as a hunter-gatherer! She is a member of Team CT Weightlifting and actively practices yoga. Ask her how it enhances recovery and improves mobility in athletes, she will tell you!

Level 1 CrossFit Trainer since 2008
Level 2 CrossFit Trainer
CrossFit Olympic Lifting
ACE Certified Trainer
CPR Certified
Functional Movement Screen Certified