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Searching for the right Personal Trainer in Danbury, CT?  We get it, it’s hard finding a Danbury Personal Trainer that is certified, friendly and gets you the results you deserve!

Personal Training only works if you really want to lose weight, feel & look healthier and have more energy.  Our Fitness Trainers will guide you through exercising with proper form, fat burning moves and the best toning techniques to firm up that stubborn body fat.

But, you’ve got to be committed to put in the work.  In our personal training gym and outside the gym.  We only allow a certain number of new clients per month because we want our physical trainers to give them the attention they need to succeed.

Prefer to train in a small group or individually? Contact us and we can set you up with one of our skilled trainers.

Have health issues or circumstances that make you uncomfortable seeing a trainer without medical training background?

Co-owner Melissa Reed, a certified MSPT, offers specialized personal training by appointment. This program is a unique combination of her expertise in physical therapy as well her knowledge of proper functional movements for strength and conditioning.

Specialized personal training is the perfect option for those recovering from injury who have graduated physical therapy but are not ready to resume high impact activities.

This program is also great for anyone very de-conditioned looking to regain their strength and active lifestyle. You can be assured you are getting the best individualized and safe exercise program that you will NOT find in any other gym in Danbury, Connecticut.

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Group Personal Training for 55 & Older:  Let's Get Moving!

Our Get Moving Classes are designed for 55+ aged individuals who need to get moving.  Our Group Personal Training Classes are taught by our certified personal trainers and overseen by Melissa Reed, a physical therapist.

Get Moving Classes are designed beginner exercises that are 55 or older who want to START a workout program.  Our Boomer Personal Training Classes focus on improving functional strength, endurance and flexibility.  Our Fitness Trainers also place a large emphasis on balance to maintain strong and independent living.