“During our in-house Open competition, I saw a lot of heart, a lot of determination, a lot of team spirit and a lot of fun. And really that is what the Open is all about. Challenging yourself to do more then you ever believed you could. And that is what I saw most of!”

Sarah Lorenzini


Sarah Lorenzini, Coach

Sarah graduated from the Hartford Conservatory for Dance Performance and Pedagogy and has been a dance instructor since 1999. While in the Army National Guard she was an instructor on the Health and Wellness team, and is currently a UPFM (Unit Physical Fitness Manager) for the 103 Civil Engineer Squadron Air Guard unit.

She earned her Level 1 Certification in January of 2012 and has been coaching at CrossFit 203 ever since. While at training in Ft. Leonardwood, MO, she also coached at CrossFit Dropping Plates in St. Roberts, MO.

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